How To Decorate Your Apartment Without Damaging It

How To Decorate Your Apartment Without Damaging It

When it comes to decorating your apartment, you have to establish a nice balance between personalizing your space and maintaining its integrity.

At The Pepper Building, we believe that a well-decorated apartment should reflect your style without compromising the property’s condition.

Let’s explore a few simple ways to achieve this delicate balance.

Avoid Adhesive Strips and Hooks

While adhesive strips and hooks seem convenient, they can cause quite a bit of damage to your apartment’s walls.

Over time, they lose their adhesive properties (especially during humid Philadelphia summers) and peel off the surface, removing paint and damaging drywall.

Although the adhesive hook manufacturers claim that their products can be easily removed, that’s not always so. If not removed delicately, the adhesive backing can peel the paint (and sometimes the drywall’s stop layer) off of the wall.

Instead, opt for alternative methods such as the tried and true method of hooks and picture hangers that use small nails or screws.

While nails and screws do put holes in the apartment walls, they’re often tiny and can be easily filled with spackling paste or putty. Most importantly, these hanging accessories ensure your pictures, art and decor are secure—which reduces the risk of damage to your walls.

Stability Matters: Stud Finders and Screws

If you’re using traditional hooks and picture hangers to display your pictures, artwork, and accessories on your wall, you’ll want to make sure the nail or screw is driven into something strong enough to support the weight of the object you’re hanging.

You can ensure stability in your decorations by using stud finders and screws with anchors.

These tools not only help prevent the hangers from separating from the wall, they also safeguard your walls from potential damage and unsightly holes.

Say “No” to Wall-Mounted TVs

Mounting large TVs on walls is very popular in many homes. After all, this method does open up a bit of floorspace. And, you can easily adjust the angle of the TV so you can see it from any part of the living room.

Unfortunately, this mounting method poses risks to both your wall and the TV itself. If the brackets used to support the TV are not properly installed, they can break away from the wall. If this occurs, then not only is your apartment wall damaged, so is your TV.

Worse than that, you, a guest or your pet could be injured if the TV falls and lands on you or them.

Reduce the risk of damage, accidents and injury by buying a TV stand.

While a Tv stand will take up a bit of your floor space, it won’t damage your apartment, break your TV or potentially cause injury.

On the plus side, most TV stands offer plenty of shelves and drawers for extra storage space.

Conduct Regular Inspections for Wear and Tear

Periodically inspect your apartment, hooks and hangers for any signs of wear and tear caused by the weight of the decorations.

Catching issues early can help prevent damage and maintain the integrity of your living space.

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